Japanese math rock

To withstand recent COVID-related lockdowns and busy times at work, I’ve taken to Japanese math rock, by way of numerous ventures down YouTube rabbit holes.

This is part of a journey of mine through various kinds of math rock, post rock, Midwest emo and post-hardcore that began about a decade ago when I revisited the Louisville band Slint. (For the record, Slint are a million miles away from the below bands — but I will address this musical journey in a future post.)

I share below my absolute best finds of these musical expeditions. This music and these bands are simply sublime, combining phenomenal (and technical) musicianship and beautiful, dreamy artistry.

First, a mix tape.

Second, a live performance from Jyocho.

Third, a studio track from Uchu Combini.

Fourth, a film clip from Uchu Combini.

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