Local News Today

From a long-lost satirical news blog I once ran: Rebuilt school named after arsonist The Jude Louey Parker Secondary School will reopen tomorrow, 12 months after it was ravaged by fire.Every building was destroyed last year when former student Jude Louey Parker set fire to it to “get revenge on the teachers”.It was announced in … Continue reading Local News Today

I should be studying (but instead I’m reading a thesaurus)

A procrastination poem written in 2005 Initially my effulgence was extant; I thrived on my beneficence, But my assignment is still inchoate and I’m a victim of my own petulance, The nadir is near, impending doom and failure will deny all segue, I’d like to be mirthful and jocund, but all hope has been taken … Continue reading I should be studying (but instead I’m reading a thesaurus)

The social media sidekick

A Short Play by Shane Worrell CHARACTERS KRYSTAL, manic, stylish social media celebrity CRYSTAL, Krystal’s enthusiastic new social media sidekick The setting is a lounge room. A couch is situated in the middle of the stage, facing the audience. On it, CRYSTAL sits, engrossed in her smartphone. She hears a knock on the door. She … Continue reading The social media sidekick