The Mount Pelee Survivors’ Club

This is written from the perspective of Ludger Sylbaris, who gained fame as the only* survivor of a volcanic explosion that killed some 40,000 people on the Caribbean island of Martinique in 1902. Mr Sylbaris survived because he had been arrested the day before the explosion and locked in a police cell underground. He was … Continue reading The Mount Pelee Survivors’ Club

Living For All Eternagen™

Short fiction published in Painted Words 2017. Shane Worrell At the back of an antique shop where marbles were sold, two for ten million dollars, Junior lay in silence. The old man’s bedroom, small, cramped and altogether unbefitting of someone of Junior’s character, was separated from the shop by only a paper-thin wooden panel. Junior … Continue reading Living For All Eternagen™

This Summer Could be the Good Ol’ Days

SOMETHING about summer elevates nostalgia levels in the brain. At least, in me it does. No sooner does the weather warm up and I switch on Buffalo Tom's summer anthem of 1995 - aptly called Summer - than my heart is filled with nostalgia for "simpler times". I drift into quiet deference for "the ol' days" and previous summers … Continue reading This Summer Could be the Good Ol’ Days