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Mary Had a Little Lamb

BREAKING: Authorities are investigating a possible link between a little lamb that followed a girl to school one day and a series of E. coli infections among children in her class.

The Nursery Times can reveal that at least 15 children, aged 5 and 6, have suffered from intestinal infections since the lamb – believed to belong to a girl named Mary – followed its owner to school.

Health professionals say direct contact with the lamb or waste from the animal may have led to the infections.

It is not clear whether the lamb – described as “white as snow” – defecated in Mary’s classroom.

One parent told The Nursery Times that her son had experienced cramping, diarrhea and fever.

She called for a full investigation into why a lamb had been allowed into the classroom.

“It’s against the rules,” she said.

Another parent, who asked not to be named, said the lamb often followed Mary around town.

He said he had heard that Mary’s brother had encouraged her to take the lamb to school.

The Nursery Times has been unable to confirm this allegation and is not suggesting it is true.

In a statement, Mary, who has so far escaped infection, defended the lamb’s presence.

“It made the children laugh and play,” she said.

The school has defended its processes, saying that Mary’s teacher had acted appropriately in removing the lamb from the classroom.

But a growing chorus of parents says the school could have done more.

“Even after it was turned away, still it lingered near,” a Facebook post said.

The lamb has since been destroyed.

Five Little Ducks

BREAKING: A mother duck has been reunited with her five missing children – but may have to fight to keep them amid accusations of neglect.

Mother Duck, of Lakeside, broke down in tears as her children, who went missing over a series of days, were located safely in a remote area over the hills and faraway.

It is believed the ducks went missing one by one over a five-day period, though their disappearances were initially not reported to police.

Police are now investigating why Mother Duck did not report her children missing and why she allowed them to return each day to unfamiliar and dangerous terrain.

The Nursery Times understands Duck Services may take custody of the children.

“Mother Duck is extremely lucky that all of her children have returned home safely – this could so easily have ended in tragedy,” a police spokesperson said.

“We urge everyone to supervise their children, especially during the school holiday period when ducklings have a tendency to go over the hills and far away unsupervised.

“Know where your children are at all times and alert police to disappearances so search parties can be arranged before tragedy strikes.

“Mother Duck risked her own life going over the hills and faraway in search of her children.”

Neighbours said they had heard Mother Duck crying “quack, quack, quack” each night, but until today were unaware any of the children were missing.

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill

BREAKING: A boy has been rushed to hospital with suspected head injuries after falling down a hill.

The boy, known only as Jack, tripped over an empty pail he was carrying after climbing to the top of the hill in a fruitless search for water.

A girl, whom The Nursery Times can identity as Jill, also tumbled down the hill, but is believed to have escaped injury.

The incident was captured by a local cartoonist.

Police have described the accident as avoidable, confirming there is “no water at the top of the hill”.

But clean water advocates say there is also little potable water at the bottom of the hill, adding that the accident is “damning evidence” that significant state investment in clean water infrastructure is long overdue.

The boy, who has made headlines in the past for jumping over a candlestick, among other exploits, is expected to make a full recovery.